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Out Of Nowhere!

Last year I decided that I would do only one book related event in 2018 - New York Comic Con. Well, scratch that. A sweet, totally unexpected, unplanned plum of a promotional opportunity dropped in my lap.

The American Library Association (ALA) has an annual convention. Librarians attend learning sessions for professional development. But here's what great. The ALA invites publishers, book stores, and authors to mingle with them. The 2018 convention is in New Orleans and, drumroll, I'm going to sign my books there! Y'all, librarians are fun people. They're not subdued types who walk around speaking in whispers and shushing folks. They know how to let the good times roll with the best of us. The last time I went was quite a while ago, but I had a great time. How could I not? I got to hang with hundreds of people who love books as much as I do.

But it gets better. Michelle Obama is the opening speaker. Viola Davis is the closing speaker. Please join me in praying I get to hear at least one of them astound listeners with their awesomeness.

A plug for belonging to professional orgs - I'm blessed to attend the ALA Convention because as a member of the Independent Book Publishers Assoc. who also happens to live in Louisiana, I was offered a free exhibitors badge and a chance to sign a book. Marketing to libraries that buy books is a good thing.

I love libraries. As a kid, reading became my number one entertainment during summer school breaks. But being poor and far from one, I didn't see a library until I was in my teens. Late teens at that, if I recall. The first time I walked into a library and saw wall-to-wall books? Mind blown. I literally stood there with my mouth open for a minute. Then I wandered the stacks like Alice gawking at everything in Wonderland :)

Fast forward to grown-up me hanging with librarians in the same space as the former First Lady of the USA and the First Lady of Acting! Summer is starting off with a bang!

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