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Once again I'm reminded that librarians are cool people! I enjoyed going to the American Library Association Convention in New Orleans. Not the least of which was the chance to see Michelle Obama and Viola Davis speak! Both dropped gems that made me glad I made the extra effort to see them, apart from the day (Saturday, June 23rd) I signed books. I went down the day before to hear Michelle Obama for the opening session. Stayed overnight in Metairie, not that I had a choice. No hotels in New Orleans anyway. But that worked out to be a good thing. I'm no tourist since I've been back and forth to NOLA all my life. So, the Sheraton was actually a welcome change. Easy to hop on and off the interstate, close to great restaurants. The room is so nice!

I signed and gave away books to librarians Saturday. They were so receptive. I surprised Lee Wind, president of IBPA who was at their booth to help authors. I was a pitching machine. Kinda surprised myself actually LOL.

Michelle was awesome. She talked about her time in the White House and her upcoming memoir Becoming (November 2018). She once again reminded us all of grace, class, and intelligence. And yet she's all of us. So relatable. Awesome.

Viola Davis was the closing session speaker. She has written a children's book that is coming out in the fall. She read the series as a child, and read it to her little girl when she was a baby and toddler. She told moving and funny stories about her childhood, Denzel, acting in general, and of course books.

I'm not one to attend celebrity appearances. Not because I have something against celebrity love from crowds. Just never has been my thing. But I'm glad I made these two exceptions.

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