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Love A Good Mystery Series? Bingo!

May 21, 2020

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I've Been Good - Mostly

July 8, 2018



So, I'm working on the second book I'll release in 2018. I've had some lapses, summer sunshine doesn't help. But I've stayed the course. Mostly. I've had a few notable detours to goof off, but I had the strength to force myself back to the grindstone. 


Seeing Michelle Obama and Viola Davis aren't counted because I was working. Okay, so technically no. I signed books at the American Library Assoc. convention on a day when neither of them were on the schedule. I went to NOLA specifically to see them when I could (should?) have been writing. 


But I haven't started a new binge-worthy Netflix offering (Luke Cage), or any of the movies they keep dangling in front of me. I did reward myself with episodes of series I've already been watching. Yes, I watched the 4th season of How To Get Away With Murder (binged). I did mention a few hiccups. 


Yet I've finished my next book! Reminder - you can read the first chapter to get a head start on the grisly fun :)




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