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I've Been Good - Mostly

So, I'm working on the second book I'll release in 2018. I've had some lapses, summer sunshine doesn't help. But I've stayed the course. Mostly. I've had a few notable detours to goof off, but I had the strength to force myself back to the grindstone.

Seeing Michelle Obama and Viola Davis aren't counted because I was working. Okay, so technically no. I signed books at the American Library Assoc. convention on a day when neither of them were on the schedule. I went to NOLA specifically to see them when I could (should?) have been writing.

But I haven't started a new binge-worthy Netflix offering (Luke Cage), or any of the movies they keep dangling in front of me. I did reward myself with episodes of series I've already been watching. Yes, I watched the 4th season of How To Get Away With Murder (binged). I did mention a few hiccups.

Yet I've finished my next book! Reminder - you can read the first chapter to get a head start on the grisly fun :)

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