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The Tunnel - My .02 :)

Thanks to PBS, I've been hooked on Brit TV mysteries since I was in my teens. I love cozies like Miss Marple, Poirot, Midsomer Murders, and Rosemary and Thyme. Yet I'm also a huge fan of their grittier cousins. Maybe I'm being unfair and biased, but US mystery shows just don't have the complexity and depth. They're also cookie-cutter, totally predictable. How To Get Away With Murder is the only exception IMO. But on to my review.

The Tunnel is a fascinating look at the French and British police forces that combine efforts to solve crimes that cross borders. "The Tunnel" refers to the Channel Tunnel (beneath the English Channel) that connects the two countries. The main characters are Karl Roebuck ;played by Stephen Dillane, the brit world weary detective, and Elise Wasserman played by Clemence Poesy, the quirky and brilliant French detective who also has Asperger's Syndrome. Her inability to read social cues/emotions and his tendency to be too social (cheats on his wives) make for fabulous scenes. Over three seasons they grow, change, and become friends for life.

Season 3 starts out with crimes that turn out to be related to Europe's immigration problems, human trafficking, and of course murder. The twists the story takes are brilliant. This is British and French storytelling at its finest. Five stars for all three seasons, but the finale season is whew! Had me all in my feels.

Game of Thrones fans- if Stephen looks familiar it's because he played the ill-fated, way misguided Stannis Baratheon. He also starred in another Brit Mystery fave of mine, a Miss Marple episode called The Secret of Chimneys.

Another obsessive hobby - spotting actors/actresses in roles and remembering where I've seen them before :)

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