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Last month one person and I shared our love for British mystery series like Vera, Midsomer Murders, Father Brown, and Miss Marple. I learned that my level of fandom is maybe a bit more, erm, intense than most. I named a list that she'd never heard of before. Of course, then it hit me. I subscribed to two streaming channels because they show recent seasons of Vera, Shetland, and Murdoch Mysteries long before they hit Netflix or my local PBS station. Hmm, I do love mysteries though. USA series by and large don't measure up. I think it's because the Brits don't have to worry about what's commercial, what advertisers will say or object to, and network execs who eye the bottom line with the previous two in mind. Our television broadcast development didn't start out being a public owned and operated system. Which is why PBS is so better when it comes to dramas IMO.

In my July newsletter that just went out, I wrote that Viola Davis was the only action with a Tony, Oscar, and Emmy. A subscriber wrote to tell me Whoopi Goldberg has all three as well. Plus she's won a Golden Globe as well. Boom! I stand corrected. We agreed that both ladies are awesome, but Viola is supreme when it comes to acting skills.

I have to remember to put include Louisiana or southern recipes again, because subscribers enjoyed those.

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