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July 3, 2020

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Not So Lazy Summer Days

July 24, 2018


I'm taking it easy now that I've finished two books. I'll release the second one in September- yaay me! Even when I'm working, I've made it a habit to exercise at my nearby YMCA five days a week. Of course, on my "break" I'm tempted to stay home and nap. You know, REALLY do nothing. Even though I know being inactive is bad for you. I've noticed something strange. I'll be wanting a nap by lunchtime. I must have been from Spain or Italy in a previous life. Actually, according to DNA tests, I'm 21% Spanish, so.... I have a good excuse for a 3 hour lunch break.


Anyway, mostly I push myself to workout at the Y instead. Here's the thing I noticed today. I come home and end up doing some kind of yard work. Pulling weeds and aerating around my roses. Trimming a big gardenia bush in my yard. Watering the potted plants outside my front door. Then I come inside and say, "What the heck were you thinking???" But all in all I know "werking it" pays off. Even if my legs and back are complaining for a few minutes. 


Another benefit - when I went to Peru, Belize, and Morocco, I had no trouble physically walking all over the fantastic sites. I've got more global travel wishes. Guess I'll be back at it tomorrow at the Y! 





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