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Happy Travel Memories!

Since my trip to Morocco last year (February to early March for 15 days), I've been neck deep in home renovations and writing. I decided not to go on a big international trip in 2018. Partly because I was tired out. It's expensive, too. I wanted to save instead of spending. Finally, I wanted to concentrate on writing. I finished THIRD SIGHT INTO DARKNESS around two bathroom makeovers and the installation of new flooring in the rest of the house. A brief break followed from in January and into February 2018. Then I started writing DEAD AHEAD. I finished in mid-July. Now I'm taking a much needed longer break. I took a week and a half of mostly doing nothing to let me brain rest - harder than I thought! I had to stop myself from working (website, promotion projects, etc.). But there were some "optional" things I wanted to do.

Re-pot three of my house plants. Well, I ended up tossing one out that had seen it's best days. New plants, two inside; one outside. Checked off the list. Next- the small paintings above have been laying around since last year. I bought them in Ait Ben Haddou from one of the first painters there. I finally went to Michael's and found frames for them. Here they are on my home office walls (the walls that need to be re-painted, the last big home project).

Fire painting, you ask? Yes. Artists draw with pigments and use fire to bring out the colors you see. Here is a video that shows the technique. This brings back so much of awesomeness of my trip. Sigh. I'm now planning my next overseas adventure.

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