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Took years, but I finally learned that the entire pilgrims and the "Indians" share a meal story is fiction. For the past few annual Thanksgiving holidays, I've made it more about showing gratitude for my blessings. Oh, and I didn't give up the meal traditions. I mean, no need to go too far! I think of this time of year very differently than what I was taught as a child. I'm all in for the new way.

No crazy Black Friday scramble. I gave that up quite a while ago as well. Online shopping is my jam. I went to two small town festivals. Not that I intended to, but I bought stuff. Yeah, I'm weak. But to my credit, several items are Christmas gifts for others.

Here are a few scenes from the town square in Abbeville, La

In Convent, La, one festival booth snared me. I tasted peach wine made at a Louisiana Winery. Guess what happened next? Yeah, brought a bottle home. I don't drink alcohol often. Seriously, maybe one to three times in a year do I imbibe. But when I do, I prefer any variety of white wine. I love fruity wines the best. It's good y'all!

From Amato's in Independence, La

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