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Christmas Happy

The first full blooms of my Christmas cactus are here! Jingle bells of happiness :)

Some years back, at least 5 now, a sweet lady I didn't know gave me this plant. I met her while I worked downtown. I'd walk each day and my route took me by her cute cottage styled house in Spanish Town, an historic neighborhood nearby. One day while we chatted, she gave me this very Christmas cactus. I've had it ever since and it's bloomed each year. She died about nine months later. I know because I saw her obituary in the newspaper that included a photo.

A little over a year later I went on vacation. A co-worker agreed to look after my plant. Well, when I got back it looked dead. She over watered it for some strange reason. I felt awful because it was such an unexpected and sweet gift from a stranger. Miss Clytie obviously loved plants because she had a lot of them. I felt like I needed to honor her generosity. Plus, looking at it reminded me of how we can so easily be kind to one another in small ways the bring big happiness. So, I decided to try something. I repotted it with new soil and didn't water it for almost a month because it had been so saturated. It worked! And that is the story of my little Christmas miracle. Trust me, I'm no master gardener. But I saved my favorite plant.

Miss Clytie left great memories. Rest in Heaven

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