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New Year Boogie

I have no excuses. Time to plant butt in chair and write.

My office is organized (even dusted this past weekend). I have no major home improvement projects pending right now. I've decided not to take another international trip in 2019. Health good? Check. Volunteer work pared way down? Check. Break over. Time to work.

Yes, I've started chapter one of my next book. My goal (hope) is to finish it by April 30th. Then I'll write a short non-fiction title on little known Louisiana legends, ghost stories, and a smattering of spooky true crimes. In October fellow writer Cerece Rennie Murphy and I plan on going back to New York Comic Con.

It was a lovely break. But to be honest, I only took a break from writing novels. I kept running my publishing business. Making minor changes to my website. Marketing and promoting current titles. Networking with other publishing pros. Working with the designer on my next book cover. But I did a lot of Netflix and chill. And Britbox. And Acorn TV. A smidgen of Google Play Movies & TV. I even got out of the house and went to a movie theater once!

Now I'm determined to dive into my regular routine. Writing my five pages per day, It definitely helps that I fleshed out the outline of the new book. I even got inspiration on who the villain will be. Awesome!

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