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Three of my favorite television series are back with new seasons. I've already powered through the 4 episodes of the latest Murdoch Mysteries on Acorn TV. Now I'm hoping there are more. Then on the same channel No Offence is back. Love this female led cast of characters, tough police officers in England. Last, but nowhere near being least, is Vera. I did a little dance when BritBox announced Season 9 was starting this month. Brenda Blethyn is wonderful as sarcastic, quirky, and sharp as a needle DCI Vera Stanhope. Of course we know I love Brit mysteries with a passion. These shows aren't afraid of the dark side. Their main characters don't have to be all fashion model drop dead gorgeous. So refreshing.

I remember when I discovered BBC produced television shows on PBS decades ago. That embrace of real life, real looking everyday people, and gritty subjects impressed me. I'm not sure why US media is so fixated on "beautiful people" types, but now it looks a bit silly to me. Some tall, leggy blonde in a low cut top is running after a villain without breaking a sweat? Oh please. A picture perfect handsome male actor is fighting for his life with not a hair out of place? Yeah. Right.

By the way, Murdoch Mysteries is a top Canadian TV series. Australia, New Zealand, and Scotland all have their own fabulous original shows as well. I've pretty much abandoned US television.

But wait... I'm still addicted to Game of Thrones, How To Get Away With Murder, True Detective, and Star Trek Discovery. I just realized typing all this. I've got to get some work done. No binging all ours for me! (Clenches teeth with determination to stick to my schedule, not stay up late watching TV, and to finish the next book)

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