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Not Feelin' Springy Yet

So, this is a throwback pic when I was in the mood to pull weeds, dig in the dirt, spread mulch, etc. last spring. This year, um, not so much. I failed to cut back my roses. In my defense, they were blooming so pretty that I didn't have the heart to do it. I give you Exhibit A-C in my defense:

They smell heavenly, too!

Not to mention all the rain we've had. It's raining again today as I type this. But I did at least kill the weeds, till the soil, and sprinkle rose fertilizer. Next up, laying down fragrant cedar mulch. Not only does it look pretty, it smells good and bugs don't like it. I love things that serve multiple functions!

I suspect that I'll be more in the spring mood as time goes on. I though maybe all the inspiring stories of women in action from Women's History Month would get me pumped. But wet, dreary weather didn't help. Still, the good news is work on my next book has been rocking along nicely. Now if we could just get more days of sunshine and blues skies. I now know that I could not thrive in a cloudy climate. Too gloomy for me. Same for long, cold winters. Give me heat any day.

C'mon, let's all let out a shout for spring, summer and blue skies!

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