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So, I've been gone from my blog for a minute (ok, ok, over a month). I've been out doing stuff. Last post I said I was trying to get in the spring time mood. Thank goodness sunshine, blue skies, and birds singing came to the rescue at last. I was beginning to think cloudy gray weather was going to be the norm. Depressing enough! Once again I was reminded not to move any place that has mostly rainy, overcast days (weeks, months). I would just wither away. Throw in cold and, Lord! But the kind of spring I'm used to and love returned in 2019- praise break!!!!!

What have I been doing all April instead of adding to my blog? Getting out of the house. Duh.

The result of all that rain is that the mighty Mississippi River is high. I took this picture on the levee. See the trees? Yeah, they're not normally in the water. No flooding, but it does affect boat traffic.

The Baton Rouge Blues Foundation put on a panel discussion on juke joints as the kick-off of the Baton Rouge Blues Festival weekend. A historian, a millennial who currently owns the juke joint his grandfather founded, and a blues singer were featured. Juke joints have a historical and cultural legacy. I learned something new- the difference between a "juke joint" and a "nightclub." A juke joint was (still is) a "come as you are" casual place. People come in their work clothes after getting off. By contrast, folks get dressed up in cute party clothes to go out on the town at a nightclub. Love that explanation. I'd never thought about it before.

Sunday I went back across the river to visit a small nearby museum photo exhibit about the Underground Railroad. Gorgeous weather, so I walked around their outside exhibits as well, which included this huge oak tree next to several historic buildings on the grounds, including this house (right) built around 1830 in the Creole style.

Finally a picture of blooming flowers just because! Happy spring y'all :)

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