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The Eyes Have It

So, I'm finishing up the sixth LaShaun Rousselle mystery - yaay me!!!! Keep an eye out for it come July 1st.

In the series, I created a fictional organization for psychics called the Third Eye Association, LLC, (TEA). LaShaun first meets members of TEA in INTO THE MIST

when team members show up to help figure out who is kidnapping kids with psychic abilities and why. The history, organization structure, and leadership hierarchy of TEA are introduced to readers in that book. Basically, I imagined psychics establishing a place of not only research and discovery, but of refuge for people not understood and even shunned by wider society.

I had so much fun that I went on to design a logo and create their own library. Impressed by my tour of a university in Morocco established in 783 AD, and learning about ancient libraries in other parts of Africa, I placed the oldest and most extensive TEA library in Rabat, Morocco.

Below is an excerpt (fictional) from Beyond What We See: Essays on Scientific Research of Paranormal Phenomena. Edited by Indira Akisha Nzeogwu. crd ed., TEA Press

Over two hundred years ago, a group of extraordinary men and women came together in an effort to understand forces and events beyond the world most can see. There are many names to describe what we do. Over the years, we’ve been called witches, necromancers, seers, fortune tellers, and charlatans. More accurate scientific names have evolved; paranormal psychology, psychic perception, clairvoyance, and remote vision, to name just a few.

Our organization has created an amazing source of information from years of research, exploration, and experimentation. Yet we have merely penetrated a few inches beneath the surface. The depths of what goes beyond what we can perceive with our natural senses is immense. Or rather what lies beyond the natural world not only goes deep, but high and wide. The layers we peel back seem to stretch for an eternity around our physical existence. Our brief glimpses inspire us to ask what is real? What is the nature of time? How many worlds exist? Do we dream, or merely shift to alternate lives in other dimensions? Do we die or shift to a new form of life, or join the universe as psionic energy? These are just a few of the questions we ask and seek to answer.

Fifty of the best minds in The Third Eye Association offer these essays to examine endless possibilities. We are not a monolith. Yet despite differing theories and even beliefs, all those who join TEA hold to the ultimate aim of guarding, advancing, and protecting good and combating the advancement of evil. Critics and skeptics declare this is simplistic, even primitive. After all, we are neuroscientists, physicists, doctors, lawyers, and more. Yet our vast store of knowledge supports that no other human goal is more important. No matter what technology we invent, discoveries we make, or frontiers we explore or conquer. If we do not care for one another, provide for a world where all can live in peace and fulfillment, then we have done nothing. The wonderful new worlds we build will not last.

IA Nzeogwu, MD, Ph.D, MLS

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