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Summer Fun 2019

In my quest to get out more and act like a hermit in the swamp, I've made a concerted effort to - gasp - get out more! Yes, my friends, this introverted writer is leaving home to have fun. Nobody panic, I've got social skills :) Seriously, modern life doesn't help. There is so much we can do without leaving the house these days. Which is why my natural tendency to hang out at the address has been enhanced. Instead of reading about events and thinking, "Wow, that sounds interesting as heck", yet still staying at home, I'm actually going to them.

Every weekend we have a farmer's market downtown. The first Saturday of each month includes an arts market as well. I stumbled on hibiscus tea and old fashioned pepper sauce from local farmers. The tea is new to me though I've since learned hibiscus tea has been used as far back as in Ancient Egypt. The pepper sauce is a staple in South Louisiana, but I hadn't seen a bottle in soul food cafes in years. I especially love it veggies like greens and cabbage. Got my summer kicking off right this year!

Having a life makes you better no matter what your career is, but most especially if you're a writer. So much inspiration out in the world!

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