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Smashing Summer!

I've continued my quest not to be a homebody. And along the way I've gotten hooked on hibiscus tea from Lena Farms. I plan to get the history on them, located in a more rural area from my city. But back to summer fun, I have to make an effort to look up events. Otherwise I'll just find all kinds of reasons to stay home. Louisiana heat being one excellent excuse. Still I've found unexpected treasures like that healthy tea on my wanderings.

Which brings me to how having a life feeds my writing soul. Sure I could crank out more books sitting at my office. Creating new characters in fictional worlds is exciting. But getting out and looking at more than the computer screen isn't just fun. Being away from writing helps my writing. In fact, some make the case that everything a writer does IS writing. It's the same for any creative person. Well, come to think of it we're all creatives! Doing what you love, whether it's carpentry, plumbing, being a mechanic or being at artist brings out creativity. Having fun is healthy. Make it part of your fitness routine!

I went to an arts and crafts festival in one of our local parks and walked away with a comic book. Yes, those are my official "It's summer!" bright red sunglasses! :)

This panel on the history and culture of juke joints was fabulous. After, we went to the garden to hear blues and R&B. Held at the historic Old Governor's Mansion

Fabulous old oak tree at the West Baton Rouge Parish Museum. The house in the background is one of several historical buildings on the grounds.

Classic Creole cottage built in the early 1800s

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