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I wish I had a dollar for every time I got some version of the question, "Where do you get ideas for your books?" Seriously. I'd own a vacation home in Turks and Caicos and still have a fat bank account. Sending up a prayer.

The best example of the random things that inspire plots, characters, stories can best be illustrated by this.

Took this picture just knowing that somehow, some way this flower is going to end up in the book. My brother said it would make a good book title. I'm not sure. I might be a little over the top. A cursory bit of research shows that a variety of plants known by this name, and some are called Devil's Tongue. Most have a very, shall we say pungent order. Several articles were more blunt, saying it emits a stench. Funny, the colorful little old guy selling it didn't mention that helpful info. So, if I buy one it won't be a house plan for sure! LOL He had an Afro-Latino accent, or maybe it was Caribbean. I only heard a few words before I left after he said I could snap a fast pic. Hmm, what about a character who buys a lovely excotic plant and gets way than she expected. Or what if there is a legend about using the bloom for gris-gris. What kind of spells would it create? The possibilities are endless. Writers think like this. What fun!

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