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Comic Con 2019 was a Jam!

So it's been a minute since I wrote a blog post. Mainly it's because I've been traveling and working on other projects in between. First, I went to NY Comic Con the first week of October. Whew! Huge crowds. I'm happy to say I sold a lot of books. Talented fellow author Cerece Rennie Murphy and I rocked all day, every day. We met folks who come back to see us each year and a lot of new readers. Per usual the cosplay was everythang!

Why do we go? Because people who want to read physical books signed by the authors show up. Even more, our audience shows up. Fans of speculative fiction who are looking for a great story. They love bestselling, famous authors for sure, but they are open to discovering something new. Isn't that what loving the fantastic is all about? Exploring the unknown be it sci-fi, fantasy, horror, or the paranormal. So, NYCC it is in 2020. :)

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