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Barely over a week after an exhausting trip to NY Comic Con, I went on a tour of Spain. Okay, I know this sounds nuts but... I was so wrapped up in reaching a writing goal, preparing for the Con as a business person, etc. that I didn't notice how close those two trips were. It hit me Sunday, October 6th, the last day of NYCC. Yet I put on my grown-up traveling shoes and pushed ahead. Though I seriously considered calling the tour company and trying to work a deal to reschedule. Y'all, I was tired. I was rockin' and rollin' ten hours a day for four days straight! But I'd promised myself this as a birthday present. But I'd been so hyped about seeing Spain on my birthday I just pumped myself up. Well, as much as I could given how worn out I felt. To prepare, I did nothing for those eight day before my departure flight. Nothing. The tour was action packed. Every day a new adventure. And so worth it! Looking back, I'm glad I didn't give in to the impulse and stay home. From Madrid, Toledo, Seville, Granada, Peniscola, and finally Barcelona. Nine days. The flight back was brutal. Four airports, three security checks, two customs checks, a total of twelve hours on planes. I got home at 10 pm, October 27th. I'm still recovering! Oh, to be twenty-two again and full of energy LOL. But I held my own- fist in the air in triumph!!!! The reward? Seeing a gorgeous Spanish sunrise on my birthday. These are just a few of the almost three hundred photos I took.

The three photos above are of the castle where scenes of the fiction kingdom of Dorne in Game of Thrones were filmed.

Below are scenes from lovely Peniscola, a small town right on the Mediterranean Sea.

Medieval Fortress at the top of a hill in Peniscola

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