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Happy Fall, Y'all!

While I don't like cold weather, I love the holiday season. Once Halloween is gone, I start looking forward to what I call the happy holidays. Not scary or full of scream-fest type movies. Now is the time for good vibes, family gatherings (hopefully happy), and decorations. South Louisiana typically doesn't have fall colors. We stay green way into December. Then poof! Tree leaves turn dull brown and drop, but we still have a lot of greenery even then. This year because we've had a few days of freezing temps and then warm weather we have fall colors! I had to take pics. Some of the most beautiful reds and golds were on trees alone the interstate highway near my home. But since I couldn't drive 60 miles per hour and take pictures I had to let them go. But then I found these beauties downtown where I could park and click away!.

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