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Long Live The Queen

I didn't like episode 1, let's just put it out there. I thought it would be a female version of the indestructible hero who creates mayhem, explosions, and kicks butt and somehow doesn't get a scratch. I'm glad that I was wrong. So. Very. Wrong. This South African series is full of action, but later episodes prove it is much deeper. As a person of African descent, I find it refreshing to have an African POV of issues in the continent. But it's not only grim politics. There's wit and warm moments as well.

Queen works for a secret South African quasi-government agency that investigates and thwarts terrorism and corruption. We see her go undercover, reveal secrets, and fight dangerous villains. If you enjoy James Bond, the Bourne movies, and those kinds of flicks I think you'll enjoy Queen Sono. Netflix announced there will be a Season 2 and I rejoice!!!

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