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August 13, 2020

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IMO - A Review of Homecoming

June 26, 2020


Vets return from active duty who have suffered in war torn and tense places like Iraq and Afghanistan. A program called Homecoming is set up by a private corporation to treat them for PTSD. The company that runs it is a VA contractor. A worthy service. What could go wrong? Count the ways as you watch the events unfold.


This series is sort of sci-fi and dystopian, although it's not set in the future. Julia Roberts stars in Season 1 giving an understated performance that at first made me chafe at the slow pace. But there was a method to the madness. As the story unfolds I had to keep watching. I'm so glad I did. There is a point, episode 4 maybe, where you start to see her character, Heidi, wake up to what she's gotten herself into. Don't think it's boring. Again, there's a reason.


Then there is Season 2. IMO this is the real payoff for sticking with Season 1 because the slow pace is a brilliant build up, though you don't think so at the time. Janelle Monáe delivers a wow performance, as does Stephan James. Just see it!

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