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Fun Fantasy

I discovered this book on Bookfunnel and enjoyed this very singular world. Justicar Jhee is a traveling judge who settles disputes, solves crimes, and recommends punishment. I won't attempt to explain this world because frankly that's one of the problems I had with the story. The author does wonderful world-building. I needed more context and explanations. The culture, terminology, religions, etc. were presented with not enough information to help me understand fully. That kept yanking me out of the story. I know readers who love being dropped into a fantasy world and just figuring it out. Doesn't work for me. I had to work hard to keep up with the huge cast of characters, labels for things, even the reason for some of Jhee's conflicts with her three spouses (two husbands and a wife!). I have a friend who loves this kind of "dump me in and let me sink or swim" reading experiences. Me? Not so much. Still, I stuck with it and enjoyed the twists and turns in spite of still not being sure I got it all. Give it a try. Swift truly created a unique world and culture worthy of you time if you love fantasy fiction.

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