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A Chilling Mystery

When I read a recommendation from a fellow author and Facebook friend, I jumped on it. The tag line just made me think it was a thrilling murder mystery with a creepy killer. I had to read this one in the daytime. I made the mistake of reading it one night, and it's a pageturner. But nuh-uh. Y'all, I didn't know it was a ghost story, things going bump in the night type of chilling. So good!!! Viv Delaney goes missing in 1982. Over 30 years later her niece decides to find out what really happened. Carly's mother, Viv's sister, never got over the loss though she wouldn't talk about it. When she dies, Carly becomes determined to solve the mystery. The action switches between 1982 with Viv's POV and 2017 in Carly's POV. That makes it even more riveting as you watch each woman experience the eerie events at the Sun Down Motel and put together clues to reveal a serial killer of young women. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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