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Bad Vegan Left Me Speechless

I'm rarely left without words, but this documentary about the bizarre rise and fall of a successful restauranteur left me stammering. Mostly all I could say as I watched was "Wait, what???" "She--- What??" "He did... are you serious?" Followed by my mouth hanging open as I watched in shock. I write fiction and could never have thought this one up, or at least made it believable. Sarma Melngailis had a thriving upscale raw vegan NYC restaurant. She is blonde, and beautiful, and draws people to her. Then she meets Anthony Fox, a mysterious man who tells her all kinds of crazy stories about himself that she believes, including he can make her beloved dog immortal. They eventually become lovers on the run. It's just... you gotta watch it to understand. So complicated and has so many jaw-dropping twists. And it all really happened. On Netflix.

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