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My novel, AFTER ALL, was adapted as a movie. Which was pretty exciting, and also a long time ago (2000). I threw my own premier party that night with plenty of food, wine, and a house packed with people. We had a blast. Although I had no creative role in the movie, other than it being based on my book, I was pleased with how it came out. I didn't write the script or visit the set while filming. Most writers don't have a say in changes made in movie adaptations. The basic plot stayed the same, but the setting was changed to Los Angeles. BET didn't want to spend money filming on location in Louisiana. But like I said, it is a good watch.

I updated the cover for the novel. The book has multiple subplots and characters not included in the movie. In fact, you won't any spoilers by watching the movie first and then reading the book, or the other way around.

TV reporter Michelle Toussaint is on the trail of a career-making story. But will she compromise her duty to tell the truth as a journalist to avoid hurting the man who holds her heart? Lies, dirty politics, and murder complicate the path to love.


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