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Free Virtual Comic Con!

On Saturday, October 10th join us for a virtual experience like no other! [Your Brand Name] and 14 other amazing indie artists in comics, film, books, visual arts, and graphic novels will be participating in the beta launch of Virtuous Con: The Ultimate Virtual Sci-fi and Comic Culture experience.

The event is completely FREE for participants and will begin with a panel from 1pm-2pm on How to Complete Your First Indie Project. Independent artists at the top of their game in film, comics, graphic novels, visual arts, and books will be on hand to share their hard-earned wisdom and give you the guidance you need. If you’re an artist with a project in your heart, but you don’t know where to start or how to finish, this event is for you. Immediately following the panel, Virtuous Con will host a 2-hour interactive marketplace from 2pm-4pm where you can browse, meet, greet, and support some amazing creators. To reserve your spot (because capacity is limited), click here for the panel, and here for the convention.

The virtual environment for this con is a bit different from what you’re probably used to (this isn’t your typical Zoom Call). So, check out this short video on how to log-in and interact between the different tables, floors, and events.

We’re so excited to have the chance to look our fans in the eye and say hello again! Hope you can make it!

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