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New Mystery Coming!

The seventh in my LaShaun Rousselle mystery series is in the works. I'm excited to take readers back to the bayous of lovely Vermilion Parish. Once again, trouble arrives in Beau Chene, a small town that seems to attract supernatural shenanigans.

Blood Bayou... What secrets lie beneath those murky waters?

When their daughter Ellie gets in trouble at school, LaShaun and Chase think a stern lecture will be enough. Instead, they find links to Chase's latest murder case and a disappearance linked to the Third Eye Association. Ellie insists that her sixteen-year-old tutor is being framed. As evidence mounts against the teenager, LaShaun unravels a twisted pile of clues. Can an eccentric old woman living deep in the swamps give LaShaun the answers she needs?

Coming in 2023

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