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Song of Blood & Song

Time Magazine listed this book as one of the ten best fantasy novels of 2019 for a very good reason. If you love fantasy and epic world-building like me, then one-click this right here real quick!!!

Two worlds hostile to each other have been separated by a magic "mantle" for centuries, but breaches are happening. Evidence builds that the mysterious and evil "True Leader" of one nation is behind it. He doesn't want just one part of the world, he wants he all. Jasminda is pulled from her quiet existence in the countryside and into this epic battle. Somehow her magic holds the key and she can't run away from the responsibility to saves thousands of lives. Jack has become Prince Regent of Elsira, a job he never wanted. But he has no choice when his older brother is killed in what appears to be an accident. Their fates and paths cross in this page-turning novel. This is a multi-layered story with intriguing characters and plots. Love it!

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