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Star Trek Love!!

I'm not a collector. Never have been. I just don't get any satisfaction from having stuff, even connected to things I love. When I travel, the souvenirs I buy are most often gifts I give away. I have to remind myself to keep at least one or two things for myself. Same for favorite pop culture icons. Much as I love Star Trek, as one example, I don't hunt down items related to the franchise. But there are exceptions. Like the Lt. Uhura doll put out by Mattel to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the original show. First Black woman on a sci-fi action series? Oh, I had to have it. I went to NY Comic Con in 2017 and saw the Tricom badge for Star Trek Discovery, the first Black female lead of a Star Trek series. Got two of 'em! Trekkie. Always.

A friend saw a picture of Lt. Uhura in one of my videos (done for a pal) and guess what she got me one Christmas? Yeah, and it's actually a cookie jar if you can believe it! 😄

I put him on the top of my bookcase because having him stare at me from a lower shelf was unnerving!

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