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The Vault

I love a good thriller and this one delivers! A high-end salvage/ treasure hunter finds a 300-year-old sunken ship with loads of gold beneath the ocean miles from the Spanish coast. Although he contends he should keep it, the Spanish government decides, "Nope, dude. It's ours!" The court rules against him even though maritime law says it should be his (legal stuff I don't remember). The government squirrels the loot into a vault built in the 19th century that has never been cracked. In fact, it's famous worldwide for being impregnable. No one, not even the best safe crackers around has figured out how it even works. But it does. Well, our hero decides to, "Bump, that. I'm getting MY treasure back." The movie is about how he assembles a team to do the impossible, break into the most secure bank in Europe and open that mega vault. This one was a nail-biter for me. They had so many dangerous close calls. The characters are interesting, too. Wow!


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